Panasonic PT-D5700 ET-LAD57W Twin Pack LOSO

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Lâmpada compatível com os seguintes projectores: PANASONIC PT-DF5700, PT-DW5100L, PT-DW5700E, PT-D5100 (Twin Pack), PT-D5100E (Twin Pack), PT-D5100EL (Twin Pack), PT-D5100U (Twin Pack), PT-D5100UL (Twin Pack), PT-D5700 (Twin Pack), PT-D5700E (Twin Pack), PT-D5700EL (Twin Pack), PT-D5700L (Twin Pack), PT-D5700U (Twin Pack), PT-D5700UL (Twin Pack), PT-DW5100 (Twin Pack), PT-DW5100E (Twin Pack), PT-DW5100E/U/L (Twin Pack), PT-DW5100EL (Twin Pack), PT-DW5100U (Twin Pack), PT-DW5100UL (Twin Pack), PT-FD570 (Twin Pack)


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Panasonic PT-D5700 ET-LAD57W Twin Pack LOSO